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Spring Update 2021

Duration: 15min / Instant Access / Required for 2N Installer Certificate.

We will show you the new features of the 2N OS 2.32 and 2N Access Commander 2.0.

What will you learn?
  • WaveKey - Tap in app, Touch mode, Motion mode, Card mode
  • License plates as credentials
  • Axis Camera Station integration without license
  • Security certificate management
  • Immediate lock and hold functions
  • 2N Access Commander 2.0 Licensing
  • 2N Access Commander 2.0 Widgets
  • Course details
  • 2N OS 2.32
  • 2N Access Commander 2.0
  • Short Survey
  • Learn more
Completion rules
  • ELEARNING: All units must be completed. WEBINAR: Attend the webinar session to complete the course.